Wood Waxoil


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A care product especially for all types of wood with a natural or matt wax and/or oil layer. It gives extra protection, cares for, nourishes and refreshes. WaxOil is a universal care product and consists of a combination of pure wax and natural oil.


for use Shake the bottle well before use and test the product in an inconspicuous place for color fastness and resistance. Only compare after drying. First clean and degrease the surface with Natural Wood Cleaner.

Apply WaxOil thinly to a clean cloth and rub in a circular motion over the surface. Leave on for 1-5 minutes (no longer) and only then remove the excess WaxOil with a clean cloth. At the end, wipe again in the direction of the grain with a clean cloth. Used cloth is self-igniting; Rinse well with water or cloth store in a tube. Repeat the treatment 2 to 3 times a year. Keep out of reach of children.