Our Story

We make handmade furniture:

We started with a simple idea – furniture should be sustainably sourced, build to last and lovingly made. We partner with craftsmen who share our vision in creating beautiful furniture that can be used and loved for generations. While making furniture, we try to establish the best possible harmony between culture and nature, using skilled craftsmanship as a tool to honour both.

The Table Label is a brand with its roots in India catering to European needs. It is our aim to make stylish, durable furniture affordable to everyone. All our furniture is directly sourced by us from India, giving us the power to maintain quality, style and affordable prices for you.

We believe that everyone has the ability to make a positive impact on the world a little at a time. Hence with every furniture you buy, we donate a portion of our profit to the causes we are passionate about.

Giving Back to the Society

We believe in equality and equal opportunities. Giving back to the community has been at the top of our list and hence with each furniture that you buy we contribute a small portion in educating underprivileged children in India, giving them a hope for the future.

Giving back to Nature

We try to be sustainable, despite the nature of our business. Sustainability is an ongoing process, and some products, more than others, are difficult to sustainably manufacture. Hence, we seek ways to minimise the negative impact our business activity has on the environment. We can always do much more and that is another diving force to take greater responsibility towards Nature.

Giving back to our team

Craftsmanship creates uniqueness and identity, two things that are important to us. Hence we believe in working with producers that have effective policies in place that protect human rights,prevent discrimination and empower and elevate our artisans.

We wish to help you effortlessly improve your home while contributing to preserve our environment.”


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